30 September 2014

Days 8-14 and How it's going so far

Even though I haven't been writing about it, I have still been working hard on my goals and doing a little something towards my final goal every day for the past week. I just haven't had time to write about it.

Things I have done include:

  • Beauty therapy and a quiet time involving a face mask and a nail file
  • Going out with friends for a fantastic game of laser tag and a McFlurry
  • Going out another evening for dessert and a natter (thank you Emma and Lauren!!!)
  • Establishing a time of the day specifically for reading stories to my little ones (between 3 and 4)
  • Started seriously weaning Rosie (we are down to just one little feed a night... next week I'm going to take her off completely... FREEDOOOOMMMMMM!!!)
  • Attended the General R.S conference (well most of it, Mark called half way through to say Rosie had vomited from the distress of being put down in her cot without Mummy cuddles or milk).
  • Spent a few hours doing art work in the form of illustrations for someones children's story they want to publish on kindle. That was good to get from my mind. 
Some of these things I probably would have done anyway even if I wasn't doing this scheme, but that's not the point. Thanks to this program I am MAKING SURE i take the time out for these things. 

I've got to admit though, I have started to feel rather tired. I am finding it demanding to try to do all of these things, which is why I think it's time for the next phase in changes to be about time management and efficiency, particularly when it comes to housework. It's going to involve lists... lots and lots of lists, and figuring out exactly when what needs to be done.

I find this useful, because if I allocate time when I do work, it means I will not be allowed to do it at other times, therefore Saturdays will hopefully no longer be taken up as much with shopping and catching up on cleaning that didn't get done in the week and more about family time. 

I also have to remember that as time goes on, my capacity will increase, so long as I keep working and pushing myself as hard as I can. 

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